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Transcending Grief

Recovering Meaning & Practical Tools for Navigating the Journey Through the World of Loss

Transcending Grief

Dr. Marie Dezelic, PhD (Author), Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum, PsyD (Author), Dr. Ann Graber, PhD (Author), Dr. Ann-Marie Neale, PhD (Editor), Chady Elias, Artist (Illustrator), Dr. Robert Neimeyer, PhD (Contributor), Dr. William Breitbart, MD (Contributor)

Finding Our Way Through Loss & Grief… Managing Our Pain with Recovering Meaning — The Continual Phase of Grief. Loss and Grief are among the most difficult things we deal with in life. Significant Loss of all types, can disrupt our lives in many ways. It affects our mind, body, and spirit, and unaddressed can change our path forward. This Grief Handbook is meant to be a guide and companion through your personal, unique Grief process, helping you through the often difficult winding path of Grief, from the initial shock to recovering Meaning in your life. Whether you are experiencing grief, or you are a clinician or the support network for the griever, this book is intended for you. A grief shared is a grief transformed. This Book Will Help You With: •Understanding and experiencing the journey of Recovering Meaning within Loss. •Navigating the new terrain of grief and change. •Learning about the stages, phases and anatomy of grief. •Gaining the practical tools to handle the difficult moments, checklists, hospitals, the Do’s and Don’ts, children, holidays… •The Continual Phase of Grief—Recovering Meaning, from our Meaning-Centered Grief Therapy Model. •Healing and comfort through Meaning, Memory, Restoration and Re-Activation. •Guided step-by-step Meaning-Centered Techniques for Recovering Meaning and Purpose. •Addressing crucial factors in the healing process—Grief-Related Anger, Guilt, Forgiveness, Hope, Healing, and Meaning. •And provides powerful visual Conceptual Pictographs—Handouts. We are capable of experiencing hope, healing, well-being and growth, even in the face of loss, when it seems nearly impossible. By having the tools and techniques to assist us with shifting our thoughts, new actions, and ways of being, we can rediscover Meaning, which can act as a medicine—helping to heal our suffering and ease our pain. Even in life’s darkest and most difficult moments, slowly, step by step, it is possible to find our way back to the light and move away from the pain that holds us back, to live a life with Meaning and Purpose once more.

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