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Guided Painting

Follow Along To Create Masterpieces

In this program, you will create a painting in each lesson from a to z. every month you will get a new lesson for a new painting.


In this program, You will also learn:

  • How to copy a painting following the grid method.

  • How to copy a painting or a design in multiple ways.

  • Color mixing

  • Gilding (Using Gold & Silver Leaf)

  • How to scale and resize a painting.

  • How to prepare to paint on a big scale and Murals

  • Create abstract artworks.

  • Create figurative Paintings.


At the end of each lesson, you will create a masterpiece. I will show you how to frame your works, and display them in your favorite spaces.

Expressive Art

Paint Your Emotions & Feelings

In this program, you will create artworks based on your Thinking, Emotions, and Feelings. You will learn to tap into your inner self to create; meaningful masterpieces. And invite positivity, confidence, and harmony to your life thru your creations.

You will also learn to:

  • Release your negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts

  • Convert your negative emotions to positive ones.

  • Paint any emotions and feelings you wish to.

  • Master your inner self to reflect it in your creations.

  • Trust your intuition at all times.

  • Release hesitations and gain confidence to control your composition.

  • Align your body-mind and spirit and get harmony in your creations

  • Bring balance and harmony to your life thru painting.

  • Release and attract what you want by anchoring your work to your positive moments.

During and after this program, you will be able to; create many meaningful masterpieces as your expression.

Guided painting
Expressive Art

Create Your Art Business

Essential Business Roadmap For Artists

In this program, I will show you the essential steps in the art business. I will share with you what works and how to make it work. You will get checklists and downloads to start your business the correct way. Then you will learn methods to improve your art business and take it to the next level.


You will also learn to:

  • define your art business plan

  • diversify your income

  • open your legal business

  • work on your online presence.

  • create a positive belief in yourself

  • hold on to your artistic style 

  • price your artworks and projects

  • define and package your artworks

  • sell your artworks in multiple ways

  • build new relationships

  • re-examine your business plan

  • and more

Find Your Artistic Style

Embrace the essence of you 

and integrate it in every masterpiece