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About Chady

Chady Elias Photograph - Visual Artist, Coach, NLP Practitioner, and hypnotherapist

Visual Artist 

Chady Elias is an established visual artist, university-level educator, author, master iconographer, and creativity coach and mentor.

Chady holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. His higher education degrees include philosophy, theology, sacred art, music, and life-business-artistic-spiritual coaching. He is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic.


Chady is a master of non-derivative works. His artistic life started at a very tender age, and he presented his first visual arts exhibition at the age of twelve. Chady’s extensive body of work is featured in private and public collections worldwide including France, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Mexico, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Switzerland, and the United States. 

Coach - Mentor

As a coach and mentor, Chady Elias embodies a profound dedication to guiding individuals towards their fullest potential. With a background rich in theology, philosophy, music, interior design, and sacred art, Chady offers a holistic approach to coaching that transcends traditional boundaries.


His expertise as a certified hypnotherapist, coach, and NLP practitioner empowers clients to navigate life's complexities with clarity and purpose.


Chady's coaching philosophy revolves around fostering self-awareness, cultivating resilience, and nurturing personal growth. Through personalized guidance and actionable strategies, he helps individuals overcome obstacles, tap into their innate strengths, and align with their true purpose.

Chady's role as a Coach & mentor extends beyond mere guidance; he serves as a trusted confidant and ally on the journey of self-discovery. Drawing from his own life experiences and artistic endeavors, Chady provides invaluable wisdom and insight to his clients. He creates a safe and supportive environment where individuals can explore their aspirations, challenge their limitations, and cultivate meaningful change.


With Chady as your coach & mentor, clients gain not only practical tools for success but also a deeper understanding of themselves and their potential.


Whether navigating career transitions, pursuing creative endeavors, or seeking personal fulfillment, Chady's coaching and mentorship offer a transformative pathway towards empowerment and growth.

Portrait picture of Chady Elias Visual Artist, Coach, NLP Practitioner, and hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner

As a Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Chady Elias brings a unique blend of expertise to his coaching practice. With a deep understanding of the subconscious mind and effective communication techniques, Chady helps clients achieve profound transformations in their lives.

Through hypnotherapy, Chady guides individuals into a relaxed state of heightened awareness, allowing them to access their inner resources and make positive changes at a subconscious level. Whether it's overcoming limiting beliefs, reducing stress and anxiety, or breaking unwanted habits, hypnotherapy with Chady offers a powerful tool for personal growth and self-improvement.

In addition to hypnotherapy, Chady utilizes NLP techniques to help clients reprogram their thought patterns and behaviors for greater success and fulfillment. By exploring the connections between thoughts, language, and behavior, NLP empowers individuals to overcome obstacles, enhance their communication skills, and achieve their goals with confidence.

Through his expertise as a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, Chady helps clients tap into their full potential, break free from negative patterns, and create lasting change in their lives. His compassionate approach and dedication to empowering others make him a trusted ally on the journey to personal transformation.

Chady Elias - Photo - Visual Artist, Coach, NLP Practitioner, and hypnotherapist


Chady Elias was born and raised in Lebanon, where his passion for art ignited at the tender age of four. Growing up amidst the turmoil of a war-torn country, his resourcefulness shone through as he ingeniously transformed his mother’s old tablecloths into canvases. He quickly mastered the art of creating his own colors from natural materials, demonstrating his innate creativity and determination. At just twelve years old, Chady achieved his first art exhibition, marking a pivotal moment in his budding career.


Encouraged by this early success, he continued to pursue his passion through formal education and the creation of masterpieces spanning various mediums, including Watercolor, Tempera, Fresco, Secco, and L'encaustique paintings, Religious Byzantine Icons, Sculptures, Mosaics, Stained Glass, Fusing, and Restorations. His mastery of technique is evident in his unique style, which permeates through all his artistic endeavors.

Chady's exhibitions and artworks are available in public spaces, and private collections worldwide, in museums, galleries, universities, and churches. in countries such as France, Italy, Croatia, Lebanon, Mexico, Cyprus, Australia, Peru, Switzerland, and the United States.


His professional studies include a Master's in Sacred and Fine Arts, Interior Design, Pontifical studies in Theology and Philosophy, and Music at the National Conservatory. He has also received extensive training in the conservation and restoration of Mural Paintings under renowned instructors with ICROM and UNESCO.


Chady is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Coach, and NLP practitioner. In addition to his extensive credentials, he has made a significant impact through his creative coaching in both One-On-One and group settings. His diverse range of programs includes the renowned "In The Zone." Moreover, Chady is also a published author, further demonstrating his dedication to empowering others through various mediums of expression.


As an educator, Chady has shared his expertise through numerous courses and seminars at the Master's level in Anatomy and Iconographical Graphics, Iconography, Restoration, Mosaics, Stained Glass, Fusing, Mural Painting, Experimental Art, and Photoshop. Today, he offers online programs such as "In the Zone Program", Guided Painting Lessons, Expressive Art, Finding Your Artistic Style, Art Business, and more. See here >>>


Chady's has been featured in various public and private TV programs and documentary films, where his exquisite use of color, precision, and mixed media reflects his creativity, spirituality, emotion, and graceful artistic movement, offering viewers a visual journey to be experienced and cherished through his art.

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Creative Coaching


Online Art Programs 

Guided Painting

Follow Along To Create Masterpieces

In this program, you will create a painting in each lesson

from a to z.

Every month you will get a new lesson for a new painting.

Expressive Art

Paint Your Emotions & Feelings


In this program, you will create artworks based on your Thinking, Emotions, and Feelings. You will learn to tap into your inner self to create; meaningful masterpieces. And invite positivity, confidence, and harmony to your life thru your creations.

Find Your Artistic style

Embrace the essence of you and integrate it into every masterpiece

In this program, you will learn; how to work as a whole body, mind, and spirit to manifest yourself in your artwork.

Art Business

Essential Business Roadmap For Artists

In this program, I will show you the essential steps in the art business. I will share with you what works and how to make it work. You will get checklists and downloads to start your business the correct way. 

Positive Affirmations 

New Release ...

Confidence Affirmations Book by Chady Elias


30 Days To Achieve Pure Confidence

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