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Art & Design Services

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Visual Art

  • Art Commissions

  • Custom Artwork, Murals, and Projects

  • Artistic Collaboration

  • Art Speaking & Lectures

  • Art Workshops, Classes and Presentations


  • Book Cover Design

  • Book Design

  • Book Self Publishing - 

Lessons & Courses

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Online Guided Painting lessons

In this program, you will create a new painting from start to finish. Each lesson will teach you various techniques, including copying a painting using the grid method, multiple ways to replicate a design, color mixing, gilding with gold and silver leaf, scaling and resizing artwork, preparing for large-scale and mural painting, and creating both abstract and figurative paintings. By the end of each lesson, you will have a masterpiece ready to frame and display in your favorite spaces.

Free Creative Business Programs 

  • Online Art Business Presence

  • Master the Basics of SEO

  • Intro To Writing A Business Plan

  • and more

The following two programs are available one-on-one and in group formats, online and in person.

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Expressive Art

Paint Your Emotions & Feelings

Unleash your inner creativity with our Expressive Art program, designed to help you paint your emotions and feelings. Through this transformative journey, you'll learn to tap into your inner self, creating meaningful masterpieces that invite positivity, confidence, and harmony into your life.

In this program, you will:

  • Release negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts

  • Transform negative emotions into positive expressions

  • Paint any emotion or feeling you wish to convey

  • Master your inner self to reflect it in your creations

  • Trust your intuition at all times

  • Release hesitations and gain confidence in your composition

  • Align your body, mind, and spirit to achieve harmony in your art

  • Bring balance and harmony to your life through painting

  • Anchor your work to positive moments to attract what you desire

By the end of this program, you'll have the skills to create numerous meaningful masterpieces that express your true self. Embrace this opportunity to release, transform, and create with confidence!

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Find Your Artistic Style

Embrace the essence of you and integrate it in every masterpiece

In this transformative program, you'll discover how to synchronize your body, mind, and spirit to unleash your artistic essence.

You'll uncover:

- Your style as the powerful voice of your creativity.
- Techniques to draw themes and ideas from within.
- The ability to create freely, without inhibition.
- Tapping into your visual memories to define your distinct color palettes, tools, and shapes.
- Mastery over form, color, and composition to express your unique vision.

Throughout this journey, you'll craft a substantial portfolio that truly embodies you, your vision, and the unparalleled essence of your artistry.

Creativity Mastery Services

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Unlock your creative potential with Chady's Creativity Mastery Services! Tailored for visual artists, writers, musicians, performers, designers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, educators, and anyone seeking to overcome creative barriers, these services include NLP coaching, meditation, hypnosis, creativity coaching, and personal development programs. Experience transformative growth through creativity development programs, innovative problem-solving workshops, and personalized coaching sessions. Break free from creative ruts and ignite your inspiration with Chady's expert guidance towards a life filled with creativity and fulfillment.


"Let's create something extraordinary together!"          

Chady's Creative Mastery Includes

The following detailed services are offered as a collective service under Creative Mastery or can be itemized for a specific need.


  • NLP Coaching

  • NLP Workshops and Seminars

  • Personal Development Coaching


  • Guided Meditation Sessions

  • Meditation Workshops

  • Corporate Meditation Programs

  • Personalized Meditation Plans


  • Hypnosis Sessions

  • Hypnosis Workshops

  • Corporate Stress Management Programs

  • Self-Hypnosis Training

Creativity Coaching

  • Creativity Development Programs

  • Creative Problem Solving Workshops

  • Innovation Consulting

  • One-on-one and group Creativity Coaching

Personal Development

  • Life Coaching

  • Mindfulness Training

  • Stress Management Workshops

  • Personal Growth Seminars


Coaching & Mentoring


Limitless Creative Possibilities

Explore and Live the Endless Horizons of Achievement.

There are no boundaries to what one can achieve.

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Chady Elias's Life Changing Program


No Limitations Except What You Put On Yourself

Maximizing Life And Amplifying Creativity

Ignite the ideal mindset and environment to unlock inspiration, expression, and empowerment for creative endeavors and a fulfilling life.

Ready To Unlock Your Creativity & Amplify Your Growth?

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