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Meet the Angels Protectors of this universe and beyond


These Angels Protectors are protecting the things that we love on this earth, this universe, and beyond. They Want you to know that you are protected.


I Am Protected Angels are in constant movements, active forever and alive to protect our universes forever. 

This collection is created by Chady Elias. This collection includes Original Paintings, Printed Editions, and NFTs: Digital Art - Crypto art.


The Crypto art of the "I Am Protected" collection contains 1000 Animated NFTs, this is the first and biggest handcrafted & animated collection, created by one person without the help of Ai.

Protect your world and collect them all. 

Be protected !!! and say OutLoud "I Am Protected"

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Printed Edition

Printed Edition

Mounted on Plexiglass

Enjoy the Angels Protectores and display them in your favorite space.  Be Protected !!!