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5 Minute Prescription: For Health, Happiness, & Meaning in Life

5 Minute Prescription for Living Fully and Meaningfully.
Start connecting and changing your life right Now!

5 Minute Prescription: For Health, Happiness, & Meaning in Life

Marie Dezelic PHD (Author), Gabriel Ghanoum PsyD (Author), Chady Elias MA (Illustrator), Lexie Brockway Potamkin (Foreword), Pavel Somov PhD (Contributor), Paul Rashid MD MD (Contributor), Ann Graber PhD (Contributor), Daniel Lichtstein MD (Contributor), Faustino Gonzalez MD (Contributor), Heather Wayland MD (Contributor)

5 Minute Prescription for Living Fully and Meaningfully.
Start connecting and changing your life right Now!

5 Minute Prescription offers the medicine (skills not pills!) and the pathways to being fully present in each moment, leading to your overall peace, balance, and well-being; helping to produce the ultimate desired results of Health, Happiness, and Meaning in Life each day.

This book is a Personal Wellness Guide, designed in an easy-to-follow format, filled with simple, yet powerful techniques, useful tools, and handouts for creating a sense of calm, personal empowerment, and connection to self and life that can be accomplished in just 5 minutes per day!

-That you have the inner resources to change your state of mind and being; and your life!
-Simple grounding and mindfulness exercises.
-Guided meditation-affirmations practices.
-Emotional awareness.
-Methods for letting go and opening up.
-Pathways for finding meaning, engaging in life, and meaningful discovery.
-Overall Fitness for your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Praise for 5 Minute Prescription...

"Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or burned out? The 5 Minute Prescription could be the best 5 minutes you spend today for your health and optimal functioning! The perfect and quick solution for busy individuals that feel bombarded by ever-increasing deadlines, stress and burnout with short and fun multi-sensory exercises. Included are meditations, not medications, that will help ground, recharge, and energize your mind, body and spirit so that you can tackle any obstacle that comes your way. All this and more, without side effects. Start your “Cappuccino Therapy” now!"
-Paul Rashid, MD
Author of Recovery Revolution: A Social Recovery Blueprint for Optimal Mental Health

"Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum's 5 MINUTE PRESCRIPTION - For Health, Happiness & Meaning in Life is the perfect prescription today to help each individual improve the quality of his or her life. These extremely thoughtful and highly trained professionals outline the “Personal Wellness Plan Prescription” for each of us to, in their words, “find more health, vitality, and resilience,” and “ultimately discover and re-discover Meaning in Life.” The authors outline how devoting five minutes three times a day can lead to “healing the psychological and physical domains, and reignite hope and meaning.” The use of quiet reflection, mindfulness and the expression of gratitude (“gratitude moments”) daily helps each of us to “replenish and recharge” and lead a meaningful life. This expertly written book and superb graphics make this an invaluable resource for all."
-Daniel M. Lichtstein, MD, MACP
Professor of Medicine
Regional Dean for Medical Education
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

“'To prescribe' is literally 'to write before' or 'in advance of.' A self-help prescription, then, is a message from your here-and-now self to your future self - a memo of awakening and wellness. Written by two diplomates in Logotherapy, a form of Meaning-Centered therapy, this highly accessible and practical volume goes beyond the synthesis of meaning and mindfulness. The book - to my knowledge - is one of the very first psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) self-help resources, an invaluable wellness asset in these challenging pandemic times. 5 Minute Prescription by Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum is a kind of PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference) for infusing a dose of ecstatic and reinvigorating lucidity into the diseasing doldrums of modern life."
-Pavel Somov, PhD
Licensed Psychologist
International Author of 6th Battle of Acedia: Meaninglessness - a Mid-life Opportunity;
Lotus Effect; Present Perfect; and several other titles

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