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Trauma Treatment - Healing the Whole Person

Meaning-Centered Therapy & Trauma Treatment Foundational Phase-Work Manual

Trauma Treatment - Healing the Whole Person

Book By Dr. Marie S. Dezelic (Author), Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum (Author), Dr. Pavel Somov (Foreword), Dr. Brent Potter (Epilogue), Dr. Ann-Marie Neale (Editor), Chady Elias, MFA (Cover Design).

TRAUMA TREATMENT - HEALING THE WHOLE PERSONIncludes Reproducible Handouts!Non-assignable permission to reproduce clinician and client handouts in this manual for clinical use.Discovering Meaning in Life, and Tapping into our Resilience and Healing Capacities IN SPITE OF TRAUMA …MEANING-CENTERED THERAPY combined with the TRAUMA TREATMENT FOUNDATIONAL PHASE-WORK (TTFP) Model is an integrative and multi-dimensional approach to the holistic treatment of trauma and traumatic stress. Through clinical, evidence-based, trauma-informed and meaning-centered interventions, clinicians and clients will learn how to address the various bio-psycho-social-spiritual symptoms and effects of the aftermath of trauma and overwhelming experiences. Clients will be able to (1) Build safety, stability, regulation & flexibility, (2) Significantly reduce/eliminate trauma response symptoms, and (3) Increase engagement with others, life & meaningful goals.“Drs. Marie Dezelic and Gabriel Ghanoum have created a comprehensive and innovative manual for the meaning-centered treatment approach to heal past trauma. Their work and approach are commendable; their ability to convey it to other clinicians is superb.” ~ Amir Levine, M.D., Co-Author of ATTACHED: The New Science of Adult Attachment and How it can Help You Find and Keep Love“To categorize Trauma Treatment - Healing the Whole Person as a conventional "manual" would only marginalize its inherent value as a supportive resource for all people experiencing life transitions, whatever they may be. Informed by Viktor Frankl's System of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, and guided by their own innovative model of meaning-centered trauma treatment, Drs. Dezelic and Ghanoum aptly demonstrate how finding meaning in life—under ALL circumstances—is both within us, and within reach. Importantly, it is along this pathway to meaning where the healing process ultimately takes place and where wholeness in spirit, mind, and body can be found.” ~ Alex Pattakos, PhD, Co-Author of Prisoners of Our Thoughts: Viktor Frankl's Principles for Discovering Meaning in Life and Work; and The OPA! Way: Finding Joy & Meaning in Everyday Life & Work“The paradigm shift in the traditional treatment model is currently upon us; the idea behind living a fulfilling and authentic life is paramount in the therapeutic community and addiction industry. The missing links are self-actualization, self-transcendence, and meaning in the everyday experience when talking about recovery and sobriety. Dr. Dezelic and Dr. Ghanoum provide a clear and concise trauma training platform for professionals across disciplines where meaning is woven throughout all of the interventions.”~ Cali Estes, PhD, Author of The Recovery Coach Workbook “How do we heal from the pain of traumatic events? How do we survive in the face of unavoidable suffering and loss? Once again, Dezelic and Ghanoum have developed innovative, colorful and informative Conceptual Pictographs to illustrate their model of recovery. TTFP is flexible enough to be appropriate for individual and group counseling, as well as for self-exploration. This manual is an invaluable addition to the treatment plan for clinicians dedicated to helping trauma survivors heal from and discover meaning in the face of tragedy and sorrow.” ~ Ann-Marie Neale, PhD, Diplomate in Logotherapy, Editor of Meaning-Centered Therapy Manual: LTEA Brief Therapy Protocol for Group & Individual Sessions; and Meaning-Centered Therapy Workbook: Based on Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy & Existential Analysis

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