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Collect Chady's Artworks

Each art collection and project was born from my passion for creating experiences and masterpieces. 

My collections often include original works, printed editions, digital, and merchandise. 


I also create custom projects for private, public, and commercial spaces. 

Chady Elias - Portrait - Visual Artist

Art Projects

Are you looking to create an art project, or do you want to integrate art into your life?

Please let me know about your creative Ideas, I would love to work with you on your next artistic project.

I am always ready to create new experiences and masterpieces.

We Can work on:


Workshops & Lectures

Creativity For Life & Business

Possible Lectures, Presentations & Workshop Topics


Expressive Art

  • Release your negative emotions, feelings, and thoughts and convert them to positive ones through Art.

  • Master your inner self to reflect it in your creations.

  • Trust your intuition at all times, release hesitations and gain confidence to control your composition.

  • Align your body, mind, and spirit and get harmony in your creations.

  • Bring balance and harmony to your life thru creations.

  • Release and attract what you want by anchoring your work to your positive moments.

Find Your Style

  • Your style is your voice, tune up the volume, and say what you want to say.

  • Your inner self is the source of your creations - pool out themes and ideas from your inner self.

  • Tap into your visual memories to pull out from them your color palettes, tools, and shapes that define your uniqueness.  

  • Control your form, color, and composition, to show your unique vision.

Art Business

  • Define your art business plan, and diversify your income.

  • Open your legal business, and work on your online presence.

  • Create a positive belief in yourself, and hold on to your artistic style.

  • Price your artwork and projects, define and package your artwork, and sell your artwork in multiple ways

  • Build new relationships, and re-examine your business plan.

Psychology & Art Workshop

Combine Art Workshop With Psychological Presentation

This workshop and lecture will be in collaboration with Authors & international speakers Dr. Marie Dezelic & Dr. Gabriel Ghanoum​


Creative Coaching

Enjoy Life & Maximize Your Profits

We are destined, to live our lives as a whole full of joy and fulfillment.


Sometimes we face difficulties.


             In Creative Coaching, you will get support, encouragement, confidence, guidance, and tools to effectively overcome your problems, make changes and experience exponential growth in all areas of your Creative Life

Creative Coaching is to explore avenues of change and growth in Life and business in order to apply them so you enjoy life and maximize your profit.


Online Art Programs 

Choose Your Program

Guided Painting

Follow Along To Create Masterpieces

In this program, you will create a painting in each lesson

from a to z.

Every month you will get a new lesson for a new painting.

Expressive Art

Paint Your Emotions & Feelings


In this program, you will create artworks based on your Thinking, Emotions, and Feelings. You will learn to tap into your inner self to create; meaningful masterpieces. And invite positivity, confidence, and harmony to your life thru your creations.

Find Your Artistic style

Embrace the essence of you and integrate it into every masterpiece

In this program, you will learn; how to work as a whole body, mind, and spirit to manifest yourself in your artwork.

Art Business

Essential Business Roadmap For Artists

In this program, I will show you the essential steps in the art business. I will share with you what works and how to make it work. You will get checklists and downloads to start your business the correct way. 

Positive Affirmations 

New Release ...

Confidence Affirmations Book by Chady Elias


30 Days To Achieve Pure Confidence

For Clients, Coaches & Clinicians


 Books, Book Covers & Collaborations

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